Apple Driver Issues – Canon 8800F

After many months of being ignored I plugged in my trust Canon 8800F into my iMac to scan some 120 film that had just arrived back from being developed. There was a fair amount of excitement to find out what was on the film as it had been sitting in my fridge for a long time.

After much searching and downloading I discovered that the drivers for OS 10.10.5 just would not recognise medium format. I can scan 35mm using the canon software however the option for other formats of film has just vanished. Unfortunately being an apple/unix household there is a lack of PCs to use and test.

Solution in the end was to install VueScan and purchase the professional licence. The inclusion of settings for specific types of film will be something that I will investigate further, and I may even go back through the archives and rescan. Scanning certainly brings it’s own learning curve, and the additional settings mean more control – and therefore more to learn